Sorry for the delay in sending you this recap.

First, we reviewed ways to improve optimization including:

– consistency with content, language, trigger words, images, logos

– use the voice of the customer

– unique value propositions

– keep it simple

– good scent with consistent cues (location, graphics, offer, color, shape)

– reinforce offer

– appeal to multiple personas

Humanistic – personal; look at social pages for reviews and input

Methodical – business-like; want all the details

Competitive – power oriented; want it quick

Spontaneous – personal; look for a good offer

Next, we reviewed a number of sites:

Good examples included: zappos, American Metal Roofs, CPO Milwaukee Power Tools

Poor examples included: Bay Verte, Fastenal, Complete Electric, Northern Electric

Best Practices for talking to customers about optimization:

– use personal experience of shopping on their sites; tell them what is good and what needs to be improved

– research a number of sites in your customer’s industry and talk to them about how they differ from their competitors

– tell them you recently attended a training on web optimization and learned a number of things to share

Thanks for your input.

Knowledge is Power in the Field.






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