Social Share Out – what we learned:

ü  Should have a main point or goal to your social plan; have a conversion plan

ü  Give your customers some direction on what they want their strategy to be, and what they want their voice to be

ü  Important to be very clear on expectations for the page; make sure expectations are realistic

ü  Understanding “Like-gating” helped secure Terror on the Fox contract

ü  Influencers can help build audiences

ü  There is so much involved in social media; to do it effectively, you need resources – that’s where we can help

ü  Communicate how important 1 person helps build your brand; word of mouth happens online too

ü  Understand the four quadrants on how to approach customers, and how it ties back to the plan

ü  You need a home base with your social plan, to manage the process


FaceBook – good examples of business pages:

–          Joe Rouers

–          The Landmark Resort

–          Bay Area Humane Society

–          Pediatric Dentistry Clinic

–          MetJet


Twitter – who to follow:

–          Start with our IC tweeters (or follow me @o_lori)

–          Publisher Scott Johnson @sejohnso35


Sample Blogs to follow:

–          The Londoner

–          eMarketer

–          Gannett Local

–          Mashable

–          Jeffery Gittomer

–          Linked In

–          Social Mouths

–          Ad Mall

–          Dale Carnegie

–          Mark Hunter, the Sales Hunter


Linked In – neat features:

–          Use to research customer contacts

–          Update from influencers through news feeds

–          Join groups


Thanks for all your input and discussion.


Knowledge is power in the field.





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