Training 072413 Notes_SOCIAL: How to Present to Your Customers

    Beth Perdue presentation:

– Started with a personal story about how she was skeptical, but now believes and why
– E.g. FB is like a cocktail party … want it to be engaging, but always that one person who wants to talk only about themselves
– Two Facebook buckets: Engage your current followers OR Build new followers
– Why FB? Fish where the fish are: 56 seconds per website visit vs. 22 minutes per FB visit
– Talked about how to target (demo, personal, custom audience, social)
– Explains where to target ads – not as limiting
– Talked about how ads will show in newsfeed and how they show up on mobile
– Like-Gating: a contest or offer to get people to “like” your business; after reading the screen it takes customer to a data capture page
– It’s All Here – ties it all together … we’ll keep your followers engaged, we’ll find a new audience, and save you time. Then talked about Grocery Store value story, plus Wild Life Sanctuary value story
– Asked for sale – assumptive close

    In general:

– Conversational
– Asked a lot of questions
– Tied back to her customer, e.g. other realtors have done this or imagine targeting someone who just posts they are moving to GB, etc.
– Objections handled during the presentation
– Real – added credibility
– Emphasized that FB is word of mouth

Engagement Stat
– 15% see your post
– 90% will never come back to your site
– Talking about should be about 10%
– How to find that? Click on the “like” box

How does the presentation tie back to Market Motive?
Tie back to goals of FB.
Conversion – how do track that on FB?
– Increase engagement
– Like-gating, capturing data
– More fans … more people see your posts … more likely to convert

How do you start a conversation about social? It starts with good questions in the Needs Assessment.
– Tell them about research you’ve found and start discussion about what their goal is
– Look at the audience they are trying to reach, e.g. great way to target younger audience
– Ask them why they built a FB page
– Is having a FB page important? Why?

How much info on social is too much (when you present)?
– Depends on their knowledge level, which is assessed in the NA appointment

Knowledge is power in the field.


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