SEO Training, Wed 7/10/13, RECAP

Thank you for a great discussion on SEO.  Our training next week will include an exercise where we look at more customer websites – more to come on that. 

Below is a recap of notes from the meeting.

What makes a good website?

–          Good design

–          Picture of person – eyes looking at content on the page

–          Headings are good, especially those that have contrast

–          Have goals – build your website around them, e.g. Make $$ is the number one goal for most businesses, so you should direct the consumer to what your goal is

–          Good web architecture, e.g. text for your pictures (alt attribute)

–          Keywords present in headlines, content

–          Embedded Links important, blue links for more info

–          Pages have names not formulas

–          Good flow to your site, will keep people on your site


How does this relate to SEO?  Why is having this discussion with a customer important?

It’s all about the customer experience.  If a customer is coming to your site, you need to engage them in your site and lead them to action that will make him $$.


Don’t want a customer to come to your site and not find what they are looking for, because then they will leave.


Rethink web design with SEO or PPC bundle.  If poor website, do that first before moving to SEO or PPC program.


What is the “deal breakers” on whether their site is ok or whether it needs to be redesigned:

–          Is it leading the consumer to their goal?


What can advertisers do themselves?

–          Pictures, call to action, ability to find


Keyword Discussion

–          Be a consumer, use terms a consumer would use not what the business owner would use

–          Consider keywords based on search behaviors

–          Search results will pull up based on your behaviors



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