SEO: Keyword Research Take Aways

Over 80% of all online transactions begin as a keyword search on a search engine.

We’ve trained on google AdWords. This section of the SEO course shows you two additional tools:
1) – shows you not just most popular keyword but everything related to that word
2) – shows most popular search words AND when the searches peak (a great tool to use when researching seasonal businesses)

It is important to research keywords for a number of reasons. It gives you an idea of the popularity, and competitiveness, of a word. It allows you to analyze and recommend keywords in all stages of the search.

Recognize the Behaviors that Drive Search
For as much searching as I do, it never occurred to me that I search differently depending on my need, so I found the 3 types of Search Behaviors particularly interesting.
– Definition = high urgency, high emotion, want to get your hands on anything you can read.
– Real Life Example – This behavior kicked in when my husband and I started our journey to adopt. I couldn’t find enough articles to read on the topic.
– Definition = you have a general idea of what you are looking for, but initial searches lead to more questions.
– Real Life Example – My mother-in-law needed to move into assisted living. I knew I wanted her in a community close to our home, but I had no idea on what to look for in a community (level of care, etc) until I started a general search.
– Definition = very specific need, you know exactly what you want
– Real Life Example – I knew I wanted an LG front loader washer and dryer, so my searches on Best Buy, HH Greg, and Sears went to the model I wanted and was strictly done to compare prices by store.

So why are search behaviors a big deal? If we can engage our business partners in a discussion on who is searching for them and what behaviors they exhibit, we’ll be able to help provide a solution that reaches the greatest number of potential customers AND we’ll be able to give those potential customers the information they need to satisfy their search behavior. And that, will engage potential customers and help convert them to actual customers.


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